User Onboarding

WTH is onboarding?

Your users are using your product because they have a problem. It's your responsibility to guide them to the solution. Onboarding is a way to handhold them through doing specific actions that will get them to go: Aha! I get it now!
Educated users = less churn = happy founder 😃

If you want to build a good onboarding experience

  • Select 3 actions a user can do that will make them see why your app is useful to them. Product Tours are useful here.
  • Learn about them at the beginning:
  • What’s their pain point?
  • What do they do? Job, Company etc.
  • What have they tried already?
  • Craft the perfect user journey:
  • A Dev likely wants to see APIs, whereas a Marketer will want to see Analytics
  • Short 1 minute videos > 10 page instructions

But if you want to build a great one ✨

Keep them coming back:

The onboarding process will disappear the minute it is completed. To help your users afterward:

  • Build a knowledge base. It should include:
  • All the instructions from the Product Tour
  • Common support requests
  • Link to relevant docs whenever there’s an empty state. Here’s an example:
  • “No products available. Here’s how you can add one - [Link to doc].”

Who's doing this right?

Tiktok became more popular than Google at the end of 2021, according to Cloudflare. Their onboarding process is prob the most intuitive of them all:

  1. When you first open the app, you can select your interests. Or skip it.
  2. Only 2 actions: swipe up or swipe down
  3. "The more your watch, the better your feed gets"